Preaching The Word of God

We live in an age where information is at our fingertips.  We live in a culture that is an environment of digitalization.  We live in a time and place where according to Richard Lischer in his book, The End of Words, the average American receives over six thousand messages per day.  As followers of Christ we too have a message, a message called the gospel.  But why should our message stand out?  What is one little message among so many?

This one little message is a message of hope.  It is a message of peace.  It is a message of forgiveness.  It is a message of redemption.  It is a message of love.  One would think that to proclaim this message would be easy.  I say otherwise.  It is one of the hardest messages to preach Sunday after Sunday.  As Martin Luther King Jr. has said, preaching is a “vocation of agony.”  It is agonizing to preach because the message demands so much of us and so much of those who hear its message.  The message we preach does not promise us health and wealth, it does not promise us information at our fingertips, but rather calls us to carry the cross and to a life of spiritual disciplines. 

How tough to preach in an age of mass-media.  How tough to preach a message in an age where six thousand messages are heard per day.  How tough to preach a message in a culture of digitalization.  And so we are always tempted to water down the message in hopes of gaining a bigger audience.  We are always tempted to use the latest video clip or commercial or to reduce the message to bullet points.  We are always tempted to have the computer techies help us make the message a little more “user friendly.”  Don’t!  Don’t reduce the message of Jesus Christ! 

And so we will continue to preach.  We will preach about Jesus and the cross.  We will preach about death and resurrection.  We will preach of hope at funerals; love at weddings; the promise of heaven at the death bed; forgiveness in the midst of a culture of hatred; reconciliation in the midst of segregation.  We will preach and the Word of God will not end!  The Word of God will continue to go forth! 

May the Spirit of God create in us ears to hear and thus be formed and shaped by His Holy Word!

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