An Unexpected Voice

I am trying to model and teach our congregation that we are to be a blessing to those around us.  With this we as a church are doing a few things, three of which are pronouncing blessings upon newborn children and upon families working in the workforce.  In the spirituality class I teach one of the requirements is to either pronounce a blessing upon someone or be a blessing to someone.

What I have learned is that as we are a blessing, we in turn are blessed.  Of course this is biblical.  Abram as he was a blessing to the strangers on the road was blessed with a child.  The two disciples of Jesus on the road to Emmaus were a blessing to a stranger (who happened to be Jesus) and because of this they were blessed.  When we are a blessing to others we in turn are also blessed.

This past Sunday we as a church pronounced a blessing upon three week old, Asher Gregory.  As I finished pronouncing the blessing the aunt of the child stood up and wanted to speak to the congregation.  If you are familiar with my heritage, the Churches of Christ, you can imagine what was running through my mind.  I motioned for the aunt to stand and speak.  She turned to the congregation and said, “My sister and husband have been with you a short time but you have truly been a blessing in their lives.  My prayer is that you in turn will be blessed by God.”  With this she sat down and the service went on as usual. 

However, I could not focus my mind on the rest of the service because I could not help but think how we as a church came together to bless a child and the parents but in turn received a blessing.

I wonder what would happen if churches focused more on blessing others than preaching to others?

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