Where Did He Go?

I was heading out of the church parking lot to meet a parishioner for lunch.  I noticed at the end of our driveway, hiding underneath a Blue Spruce tree a homeless fellow.  I parked the truck and went over to see if everything was alright. 

His name was Kevin and he seemed to be traveling through the area.  This was his third day in Newmarket and he was trying to make his way up North and then eventually out west.  He said that he was a little tired of walking and didn’t really have the energy to walk; to walk what normally takes about four hours to drive.  I asked if he would be here this afternoon and if he was that our church would help him travel north.

I went back to the office real quick to pick something up and as I was driving back down the driveway Kevin had disappeared.  He completely disappeared! He was nowhere to be found!  I thought to myself that maybe, just maybe this could have been an angel.

I drove off and had lunch, visited an individual and came back to meet Kevin but all the time wondering if he was an angel who disappeared.  As I walked around our building he was sitting on our backstairs drinking a bottle of red wine.  We talked for a few minutes and then I asked if he still wanted to head north.  “Sure man,” with a slight slur to his speech due to the cheap red wine.

As I was driving Kevin to the bus station I thought to myself that he wasn’t an angel just a drunk passing through.  But you know the more I think about it the more I am wrong.  Kevin is not a drunk passing through he is a human being made in the image of God that deserves to be treated with respect and dignity and needs my help.  But more than this he is the physical representation of Jesus (Matthew 25:40).  Jesus, in his judgment scene will say to us that whatever we did to the least of these we did to him.  What would have happened if I ignored Kevin?  I would be ignoring Christ!

Don’t think that the stranger we help on the side of the road or the hitchhiker we pick up, or the coworker we sit and listen too, or the groceries we drop off to the family goes unnoticed.  Our Father in heaven sees our acts of mercy and generosity.

May God empower us and give us the desire to help those who come across our path.  May we help in whatever way possible, whether it be buying a coffee or sitting and listening.  May we serve others in the name of Jesus!

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