A Lame Answer, But A Starting Point

My last entry has caused some discussion because I think we realize this is pretty frightening stuff I am suggesting.  It is very frightening because we are talking about moving away from a very established and entrenched idea of (1) our interpretation and view of scripture, (2) our idea of what church is about, (3) our view of evangelism and how evangelism should be done, and (4) a few other areas as well. 

One comment that was posted said how can we help our churches through this transition without giving them a collective heart attack.  A great question and so here I attempt to give an answer (knowing that the answer is lame and needs to be given more thought).

We have to teach history.  We have to show our heritage who Alexander Campbell is and what he believed.  We have to show his view of scripture and also show his interpretation.  We must then ask if this is how we should view scripture and how we should interpret the Word of God.  This I suspect will generate some very interesting conversations.

  1. We have to be a model for our churches.  Our churches must faithfully see us live with scripture and as we live with scripture they must see us not use it to give answers, but to help scripture change our lives.
  2. We have to show the relationship between eschatology and ethics.  Sorry if this sounds too theological – I will eventually write on this to explain this more.
  3. We have to ask a very serious, challenging and church changing question.  Our churches need to be forced to ask and answer, “What kind of Church does God want us to be?”  Asking this question will force people to examine scripture differently, will force people to look at the Spirit differently and will inevitably lead us away from a blueprint model.  Asking this question will also show us that we haven’t reached the final destination; we are only a signpost pointing to the fullness of God.

This is only a start of how I think we can help our churches make the transition.  Indeed this will be a very difficult road to travel down.

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