What Kind of Church . . . A Welcoming Church

It is Thanksgiving weekend here in Ontario and the trees are turning their colours (not colors for you Americans).  With the coming of this season most people are enjoying the weather.  It has been warm during the day and cools off in the evening.  We know that after fall comes the snow and winter so we soak in this time of year as much as we can. 

Our mission team for the past three years has put together various Thanksgiving baskets that always include a turkey and the regular Thanksgiving dishes.  These boxes are than delivered to families (mostly in our neighborhood) who need help over the holiday.  This program has been well received by the people in the church and those receiving the baskets.  I think, however, that it is time we took a different approach.

Several of the families we help are what I would call regulars.  We have delivered them a basket every year and we see them on the street enough to say hello and have a conversation.  Now instead of giving them a basket what would happen if we invited them into our homes for a meal?

This idea would be a completely different approach to serving people.  As it stands now we simply give them a basket and wish them luck over the season.  If we invited them into our homes and treated them like family these strangers/friends would recognize that we are not treating them as a recipients of our program, but rather are loving them for who they are. 

 Dare we invite the stranger into our midst?

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