A Community Called Atonement

Over the next several blogs I will highlight and interact with Scot McKnight’s book, A Community Called Atonement.

The atonement of Jesus must change us!  Yet as McKnight says, “The bad news, the anti-gospel as it were, is that the claim Christians make for the atonement is not making enough difference in the real lives of enough Christians.”  Ouch! 

If Jesus has atoned us of our sins what then does this mean?  How does this translate into our daily lives?  How does this translate how we be and do church?  How does this translate as we interact with the stranger on the street?  How does this translate as we interact with our own family (sometimes estranged family)?  Unfortunately, as McKnight points out, it hasn’t translated into much and the most glaring example is how we still have segregated churches. 

God atoned our sins and with this restored our relationship with him, with others, with self, and with the world.  Now that we are atoned we must live different lives and participate with God in redeeming this world.

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