The Spirit of God . . .

I have been reading and am continuing to immerse myself in two books: Michael Welker, God the Spirit and Craig Van Gelder, The Ministry of the Missional Church.  Both books are immersing my mind in the way the Spirit has worked and continues to work in this world.  Here are some thoughts that are challenging to think about for a Church of Christ individual.


  1. As we live in a very diverse culture and in diverse communities the Spirit can often be found working in this diversity, not creating uniformity but rather celebrating the dimensions of diversity.
  2. The Spirit often gives and empowers leaders to guide communities.
  3. The Spirit leads communities into active ministry and to be a sign, foretaste and instrument of God’s redemption.
  4. The Spirit was at work in the life of ancient Israel, was at work in the life and ministry of Jesus and continues to be at work in the life of the church.

I find myself saying a lot about Jesus and I have to wonder if I need to start saying a lot about how the Spirit is at work, not only in my life but the life of the church.  I wonder what it would be like to say that the church is a Spirit led church.  Hard concept to think about for this Church of Christ student.

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  1. Did you quit?

  2. Helpfull aticle, thanks for posted

  3. I wasn’t referencing circular logic, Jake. Take off your guard, I was saying that you just showed that you believe the very thing I was trying to pro Click

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