A Blessing To A Lifeless Child Named Tucker

I had just finished watching the Blue Jays spank the Yankees 13-3 when my pager went off.  It is my week to be the on-call hospital chaplain.  I called in and was told by the nurse that a young mother was going to give birth to a 20 week old child that was lifeless.  The mother is requesting that I come in to pronounce a blessing when the lifeless child is born.

At 4:30am the pager starts vibrating across my bedside table and the beeping noise jars me from a dream.  I didn’t even have to look I knew what I was about to hear.  I call in to the hospital and am told to come up to the birthing unit.  I meet the family, mom, dad and grandma and there at the foot of the bed is lifeless Tucker.

I stumble through some words and than ask if I could hold Tucker and pronounce some words.  Not sure what I said . . . words about hopes and dreams, words about lost, words about heaven, words asking the question why.  I put Tucker back in his place, ever so carefully, I re-wrap his lifeless body so as it looks like he was never disturbed.  Dad is crying, grandma is crying and mom has a single tear falling from her cheek as she watches me with her lifeless Son.

It’s at these times I expect the Spirit of God to work.  The Spirit of God must be present for when there are no words that come to mind the Spirit of God must speak.  When there seems to be no hope the Spirit of God must bring hope.  When there is no one to comfort the Spirit of God must comfort.  For how else can God be present if it is not for his Spirit?

O God, when we need you most do not hold your Spirit from being your presence and transforming the present moment to a hope-filled moment.

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