What I have Been (re-) Learning From Marva Dawn on Worship in her book, A Royal Waste of Time: The Splendor of Worshiping God and Being Church for the World.


“If we want to immerse our neighbors in the lavish splendor of God, then we must understand them more deeply than we often do” (pg. 19).


Today many people shift their image of themselves to “fit in with the fads and fashions of the times, young folks especially lack a nucleus of identity, a personality that has been formed by moral authority and mentoring models.  Furthermore, since they have no sense of themselves, they are unable to make commitments to another person in marriage or friendship or to a job, a vision, a vocation, a religion.  Their subconscious cry often becomes, ‘Keep entertaining me, so that I don’t have to face the absence of my self’” (pg. 43-44).  To this Dawn says that worship must not become pop spirituality and to simply entertain people


The key question s not what we should make worship to be in order to attract more people . . . rather the question we as churches need to ask is what does it mean to be church for the sake of the world when we worship and during the rest of the week?


When planning our worship services we should be asking, What kind of people are we creating when we worship?


“If television is causing people to be dissatisfied with the worship of our churches, should we change worship to be more like television – or should the splendor of our worship cause people to ask better questions about television” (pg. 73)?


When the church worships are we helping people live consumer and materialistic filled lives or are we helping people become like our God who is gracious, generous and always giving of thy self?

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